Tuesday, July 26, 2011

“My Fragile Heart makes me feel blue”

Have you ever had the experience of standing on the balcony and gazing at the distant stars which slowly takes your thoughts into the previous pages of life and sometimes squeezes out incoherent jumble of thoughts? I am sure nobody had experienced that.  But for me, I would say yes for sure because I have experienced it.

Here is what I experienced and I like to feel that way whenever I am feeling low. Here it goes, one evening I took a nap for a while. By the time I got up, I was not feeling well. I questioned myself, Are you feeling well? The definite answer was yes I was. Again I asked are you drowsy? That was also not true. I myself tried to figure out what was that something which kept me disturbed at heart. I could not find out the reason for my uneasy feeling. So the best solution was to console myself. I got out of my bed and ambled towards the balcony with my head stooped. It was already dark outside. So I placed a chair and seated on that. I took a long breath and sighed away. My skinny hand was holding on the cool metal railing of the balcony. The distant stars and lonely streets were slowly drowning my thoughts in it. The crystal tear of my eyes started blurring my vision of the far away streets and evoked the feeling of loneliness in me. Automatically my best song stuck at the tip of my tongue. Without my notice the song was sang in low tone, in a kind of murmur. I struggled to fight back my tears but it burst with no control. The fresh night breeze has blown my dark brown hair with its rhythm and kissed my cheeks and dried out my tears.  

Actually I don’t have any specific reason to feel blue but sometimes it happens. May be it is because I am getting homesick or maybe I am missing my parents or it could be that I must be missing someone special. It was just my experience. I am pretty sure that it may not happen for the person with strong heart unlike me. I am timid and with fragile heart rooted in me.

The next day I talked with my only brother over the phone. I shared it with him, and I sowed the seed of worries in his heart. He insisted me to let him know the reason, but I failed to answer for that as I myself was not sure about the reason. Doesn’t it sound weird? But it was the fact that I experienced. I even got a call from my sweetheart, and my brother shared it with him and this also makes the cause of worry for him as well. Indeed it was just because of my timid heart, which was the victim of all emotions.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Epitome of selfless service

A well groomed prince who is entrusted to keep his nation safe from all harm and ensure the well being of its citizen, embraced the duty not only as responsibility but as his passion and cause that must be achieved. His vision is very far and wide and his mission is perfect. He wants no falsehood or fraud, no untruth and no one to cheat and wrongs others. He wants to ensure equal share of development to everyone irrespective of cast and crew. And above all he wants us to have a beautiful life filled with smiles and cheers.

His heart pours out love to the poor who have nothing, to the unnoticed, and to those who are more broken than us. He gives hope when earth shakes, when the storms rage and when the home is destroyed. He builds the dreams of those whose family is torn and whose heart is broken. He makes the hearth of huts to burn and pots to boil. He shakes hands of honest workers and bravest soldiers. He upholds the legacy of his father and ensures that all his citizens have a free, joyful and merry life and that they are free from all harm and trouble.

As His majesty unfurl his vision, his quest of gross national happiness and his noble support to uphold the legacy and vision of his father the tears of joy and happiness falls down like a rain, hope and dream rises like a cloud from the huts of far flung villages and from the heart of those fallen to despair. It gives the heart a cheerful lift and a smile on the face.  It is beginning for the ebbs of corruption and injustices to fall and flow of the peace and prosperity to rise higher and higher.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Memory of my childhood days.

“When I go back to the place where I have spent my memorable childhood days, I find it wasn't the old place I missed but my childhood" Though I wasn't born with silver spoon in my mouth but still I enjoyed my share in my own way. I was brought up solely by my beloved Father through thick and thin. My caring father remarried but I was the only his preference in any case as I am the youngest. My stepmother brought two step sisters along with her but both were gorgeous women in twenties. I no longer get along with them because of our age difference. I do love them as I don’t have any sister of my own. My caring father gets hurt more than me when my step mothers rebuked me. For me my dad was kind and frank. He was more of a friend than a father to me.
Childhood Home at the left

As a child I was grown up near one of the monastic school. So with the influence of environment and the social circle that I was in, I had to be friend with the monks but I enjoyed, after all they were also a normal human. Just their red robe makes difference. I had few friends, some were of my age, and some were older than me. By nature I became like a tomboy. I was keenly interested in games like marble and seven stone games. To be frank I was very naughty, I used to bunk the class when I was in primary level. I used to go for swimming in the river and sometimes for dry picnics. I was a garrulous in nature, still I am the same. I had a brother, who was silent and kind of slothful child. No doubt he cannot defeat me in naughtiness and nonsense talk.
My Best Games
When I completed my primary level, due to some domestic problem, our family had to get back to our village. That brings the end to my father’s relation with my step mother as her daughters refused her going with us to our village. So wistfully we took our own path. By that time my naughtiness diminished as age comes with responsibilities. In my step mother’s absence I was the only responsible person for my father. Actually my father needs me home for each and every domestic chore but knowing the sweetness of the fruit of education. He encouraged me to pursue my studies. So I continued my schooling somewhere near my village. When I was almost done with my high school unfortunately the sharp claws of death strangled my only dad in accident. It was truly said that “the person you care about the most in life are taken from you too soon”.  From that day we parted forever, leaving all those sweet memories. So I couldn't believe he left me in this world alone and I couldn't believe I would see him no more. It kills me to think about the way he lost his life. He is my idol and shall always remain in my heart and prayer.