Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Chosen Son

When I was a little girl, my Grandmother used to tell me stories of Great Kings, their noble deeds, and the battles that they fought to protect our Kingdom.  My grandmother filled my childhood with stories I still remember, and one such story is about a King “Gyalchen Drimey Kundhen” – which I will tell you all today.
It is the story of a father who was blessed with many sons and daughters, wealth, and precious ‘Norbus’ that held magical powers. The most special Norbu was Gyeldhun Puenjom- an all wish fulfilling jewel.  The father believed in his children and nurtured them so that they would become great person some day.  He provided everything possible that they could have wished for, but he was still not satisfied. So one day, he decided to give his children a precious ‘norbu’. A sense of fear overcame him, as he knew of the powers that he would be granting his children, and the responsibilities that would come with it.  He did not give his children the most precious norbu as he felt that they had not come of age.  He kept giving them some of the smaller Norbus that could grant a few wishes.  After seeing his children grow into responsible adults, without facing difficulties in handling the precious norbus, he decided to give them the bigger Norbus, which would grant them greater wishes.  Then one day the father chose his wise and capable son to guide his brothers and sisters with the last and most precious Norbu ‘Gyeldhun Puenjom’. 
The chosen son was given all the necessary education and training from highly learned people inside and outside the country. In time, the chosen son showed unimaginable progress in his capability to guide his brothers and sisters. His undoubted capabilities were not only recognized within the country, but far across the oceans and around the globe. He earned the respect and love from people of all ages, status, and race.
The father’s decision had prepared his children to be ready to hold the most precious Norbu “Gyeldhun Puenjom”.  The father announced that the time had come for him to hand over the most precious gift to his children.  The precious norbus were handed down to him by his ancestors who had fought bravely, and worked tirelessly to bring good from a gift so great.  For years the father had provided endlessly for the wellbeing of his children and he had shown them the true lessons on selflessness, compassion, and true happiness.  The children felt that there could be no one better suited to hold the precious norbu, and that he should keep it in safe-keeping a bit longer.  However, the father had already decided that the time had come, and his children were ready to work together to protect the norbu from harm, and to make the right choices. 
This story is true in Bhutan where we have such a father who has always wanted our wishes to be fulfilled, and he has now handed over to a chosen son.
That chosen son was born to Bhutan on the 21st of February 1980.  His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is the torchbearer who brightens the darkest of days and guides our people through the darkness.  His Majesty was granted the Norbu by his father, His Majesty the 4th king Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who worked with selfless compassion and generosity despite the hardships and troubles that he faced to hand over a safe, secure, peaceful, and happy nation to the Bhutanese people.  His Majesty is our father, and he protected us from harm, he gave us Gross National Happiness, decentralization to prepare us for democracy, and the Constitution.  Like the selfless King Gyalchen Drimey Kundhen, who sacrificed his own children and his own body for his people, our Fourth King sacrificed his powers to his people.  
In 2005, when His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo stepped down from the throne, His Majesty had full confidence in the young and dynamic then Crown Prince Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.  Despite his young age, our Fifth King has always put duty over self, and has shown us his passion, love for the country and people, and his vision for a greater Bhutan


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