Friday, September 30, 2011

“If you can’t convince someone, confuse them!”

Do any one remember this stanza from our text? I am certain that most of the Bhutanese guys must have come across this text.
Rang-Lay Chea Pa Jur Pa Ne. 
Jig-Ten De-Nang Med-Zhen Dhu.
Rang Gi Koen Yoen Ma Sam Na.
Due Dro Nam Dang Khepar Chi?
Everyone of us must have tough time in memorizing and reciting it in front of our teacher. I am confident that some might have punished by one's teacher. Haven't you? Same thing happened with one of my friend's teacher as she narrates a story of her teacher. Who finds dzongkha as the most toughest subject but he was clever enough to convince his teacher in one or the other way. As he was lacking behind in that particular subject, his teacher keep an eye on him and he became the target of his dzongkha lopen. As usual the teacher entered the class and done with the exchange of greetings. The teacher reminds about the homework that was assigned. So they were assigned to memorize the above stanza and recite to the class. As he was the target, the lopen approached him and asked him to recite. He stand up confidently and recited as follow:
Rang-Gi Chea Pi Juta Na. 
Jig-Ten De Na Om Sok Mi.
Rang-Gi Kam De Ma Chu Na. 
Nam Mi Sa Mi Drem Nam Mey.
Here he followed the law which says "If you can't convince someone, confuse them!" So the smart teacher of my friend confused his teacher in that way.
P.S: Story narrated by my friend Kuenzang.


  1. Haha. Nice one Tandekx. Enjoyed reading it! Keep posting.

  2. Thanks langa........keep visiting.... yeah had nice laughing...............