Monday, September 26, 2011

"Thrue Bab" The beginning of all those auspicious festivals of the year.

Happy TPS Family during Blessed Rainy Day.

Approaching of an auspicious occasion, so called Day Blessed Rainy brings the relief in people’s heart. It lightens the heavy burdens of people as it transforms the greenery summer with hectic works to the yellow glory of autumn with lightened works. Though the rich greenery of the grasses and plants beautifies the nature and summer seems the picturesque but people, especially the farmers hate the works come up with that season. So with the dawn of autumn the numerous festivals lined up and the people developed a festive mood from that occasion. The fruits of their hard works are almost ripen and at the verge to harvest. Not very far from that season pleasant months of winter appeared, where people are blessed with plenty of leisure times and relaxation. Where the numerous of family gathering festivals like Nilo (winter Solstice), Locho( Annual ritual) and finally Losar( Bhutanese New Year) are in queue. Thrue Bab (Blessed Rainy Day) is the beginning of all those auspicious festivals. According to Bhutanese beliefs if we start the first one in better way, the following one will go in that way. So this is the way I celebrated my first and foremost festival of the year.
Dinner Time, all busy at battle field.
On the evening of 22nd September, I called all my relatives and wished them a “Happy Thrue Bab” and then I started with the preparation of delicious Thup(porridge) to make myself feel homely here. Though I am out of my country, I still brought the age old tradition with me. In Bhutan the “Thup” shows it’s reappearance in the menu from that occasion and Losar is the last time to see delicious “Thup” in menu.
On the 23rd of September, as we the Bhutanese people believe that taking bath in the early morning of that day cleansed the sins and defilements accumulated as a result of bad deeds. So I got up early in the morning and took a cleansing bath. Then I and my roommate invited two of our friends for thup and we had a great starting session. Towards the day, I wish to have free day but being in foreign country where no one recognize this auspicious day. So I had a hectic usual class for whole day. Still I am in the mood to celebrate. So as I wish, there was gathering of TPS( Trongsa Poenlop Family).
My Friends busy serving dinner......
The gathering was mainly to celebrate Blessed Rainy Day cum “Farewell Dinner” for 3rd batch master students who will be completing soon. This time the 2nd batch students organized the dinner. The dinner was delicious with fried chicken, pork curry, mushroom curry and sea weed soup. They even arranged the drinks both hard and soft drinks. Usually we restricted from hard drinks during our gatherings but this time we free to take any kind of drinks as the day was very special occasion for we the Bhutanese. So we end the day with dances and finally with Tashi Labay (well-wish dance which we performed at the end of special occasion). It was almost 11pm when we disperse. That was the best Thrue Bab ever in Bangkok. That made my day bright and homely. So it is in our own hand to make the day bright or dull. Therefore always make it bright, have fun and make the day fruitful one.
Happy family

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