Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Time with nightingales of Bhutan

My Fav, Singer Jigme Nidup(in green) at dinner
Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wing to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm to one’s life. Music is also one of the elements of the song which includes melody, chords, and lyrics. When we create a melody, a chord progression (a series of chords), and lyrics that all go together with the sweet and soothing voice of the singers, to form a song. The melodic voices of the singers add up more charm and gaiety to the song that we are listening to. Every individual has their own choice of songs and singers. So I do have my own choice of singers and songs. I am deeply in love with Mr. Jigme Nidup and Mrs. Pema Lhams’ touchy and incredible voice. Their sweet voice really touched my heart and brings me happiness as I listened to it. No matter what song they sing, they really dragged me into their songs. No doubt that it was my wish to meet them in my life at least for once. Unexpectedly last week, a group of singers from Bhutan arrived here in my University to record the songs for Royal Wedding indeed it was good news for me. A huge group of people consists of some music artists and famous singers of Bhutan. Back in Bhutan they were very famous and an ordinary person like me lack opportunity to meet them, how crazy I am over their voice but it was extremely fortunate to have them here. I am so delighted to see them, chat with them, and invite them to my place for dinner.
With my fav. Singer Pema Lham at her room.
Moreover on the night of 29th Aug, We the “Trongsa Poenlop Scholars” organized a simple dinner for them and I had the great privilege to meet them, interact with them and listen to their songs live. With their presence remarked that day as “most memorable day” for me. They sang a song as requested by we the fans over here. I was so glad to hear my favorite song from my best singer. The title of the song that I liked is “Sem Gawi Tasha” by Jigme Nidup. I really enjoyed that get-together. That would be the most joyous get-together ever.
Then finally, on the night of 30th Aug, my friend and I dropped by to see off them but again we started with our chit chat. So till late night we had been there at the apartment of male singers and then back to lady singer’s room till their departure at 3:0 am of 31st August. Hope they enjoyed their stay here. 


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