Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Most valued gift of my life.

It seems as if it was just yesterday I was back in my village dreaming the dreams of others and never really having one to call my own.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want a dream of my own.   It was because as an orphan I was scared to have one.  The moment my father who showed me love, reason, and dreams was taken away from me was the moment I lost my will to dream. 
Today, I am here in a renowned university to quench my thirst for knowledge, and to begin to dream again.  I am here with twenty-six others whose wishes were granted when His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo bestowed us with the “Trongsa Penlop Scholarship”. Most of us who are from shattered homes and families; we who had no hope, we who were scared to dream- now have the opportunity to make something good of our lives. Today, I am no longer scared to dream.  I do not dream the dreams of others.  I have my own dreams.  I will be forever grateful to His Majesty for his kindness and noble support to children like me – children who would have never been able to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty without His Majesty’s love for the less fortunate. 
It was in 2007, one morning I was called up to principal’s office. I didn’t know the reason for calling me there. To my surprise, my principal introduced two men who were from zimpoen (Chamberlian)’s Office. They were inquiring me about the tragic that I faced recently. Tragic that nearly took my life, but saved me by the grace of Ken-Cho-sum (Triple Gem). Though I am saved but unfortunately that accident took away the life of my only and dear father. They even inquired me about my performance for the past years of my schooling, my relatives and who was helping me for my schooling necessities. I answered their questions with the best answer I have. So that was kind of interview. Some other students were also waiting there at the doorway but I am sure they were also not aware of the purpose of being called up there.
During Audience
One morning in the month of March 2008, I really don’t remember the date. I got a call from new number. I received the call with doubt. I took it as a crime call, usually being a lady we received such calls often. I heard a strange voice saying are you Sonam?, I tried to recognized the voice but it sounds totally strange. I replied yeah I am Sonam and I asked who is this? Other side of the phone said I am Yeshey. My eyes flew open in surprise as I don’t have any friend or known called Yeshey. I repeated, Yeshey in sharp tone. He said, yeah! Yeshey from zimpoen (Chamberlian)’s office. So I started shivering and stammering. He asked me, do you remember me interviewing you last year? I answered promptly in low voice with respect. He inquired me about the performance of that very year and he also asked me, “If I am given the chance to go for further study overseas. What was my opinion?” Though I was nervous but I tried my best to answer as I was alert that I am talking with such a great person. I replied; I would be fortunate to get this privilege. So I would love to go anywhere to pursuit my studies if I am given the chance. So we concluded with our conversation. I can’t believe what just happened and what I just heard.  Few days later, I got a call from my school asking me to collect the necessary documents and report to zimpoen office there at Thimphu. I immediately made my presence there and collected the documents. As directed by one of my teacher I rushed to Thimphu. I really don’t have the idea where the office was located. So I gathered all my courage to call Dasho Zimpoen and I was able to get there with his help. There I got a chance to meet with many new friends, including my present roommates. I met them for the first time. We introduced, and tried to get along with each other.  In group we were busy processing Visas and pass ports.  With the help of Dasho Zimpoen, we finished processing our necessary documents. Along with my friends I have done with my shopping and all. Indeed there was nothing much to do with shopping matters as financial was the main problem that time. So the remarkable day of my life came, the day that will be engraved in me for the eons to come. That was the day His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo granted an audience before we the scholars left the country.
With over flown excitement, on the 4th June 2008 I with other twenty-six students stepped into our only and renowned Airline “Druk Air”.  For me that was the first time I got the privilege to fly in the flight which I used to look upon with the wish that “I could fly in that Airline at least once in my life”. So that makes my dream come true. My heart was fully drown in the pool of excitement and joyous. That was the precious and most valued gift that my beloved king granted me. So I and my fellow mates would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to His Majesty the king for his kind and noble support to children like us. We shall serve your Majesty with our full dedication and heart and take every task meant for the king country and its people not only as responsibility but as a passion and cause and will work on it until it is ensured that everything is in right place.


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  2. A very touching article you brought up. While it is sad on your part having lost your beloved dad, God never allow us to weep alone, he always lend a helping hand to regain our strength in times of bereavement. So are you lucky having got such a great preivilege to study abroad (Thailand rite) under the auspice of our Gracious king. I could sense your heartfelt gratitute to our king and I am sure that sooner than later, you will fulfill your dedicated aspirations to tsa-wa-sum and i wish you a bigger dream fulfilled when you land back home in not less than a year.
    Have a wonderful stay there n best wished with your endeavour.
    Cheers from Leo.

    *story seems little familiar to me. Hope you are not writing in anonymity.*

  3. awesome...one.....i could very much picture you in your article....:)

    should i suggest you something la, can you change the background of your page....much lighter colors or simply white color, the letters come out clear..:)

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  5. hi...great article, no offence to others but i found the presentation of blog went with the flow of the article, esp the background and the pic.. very pleasing...i wish you the very best in your life..cheers

  6. Hello Tandeks, I am really moved by your article. Please keep writing.

  7. Hi Guys...Thank you so much for dropping your kind words la.....@ Leo...Yeah i have written in anonymity as i was uncomfortable to reveal myself...hehe...But that name also means alot to me....This name i got from Tango Monastery......@Sogyel and Pema....Thanks for your suggestion...I will change for the better one la.....Keep commenting and keep visiting la......So that i can improve myself.....Take care....

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