Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Fat free Suja" is possible.......

Krematop Suja

As long as I know most of the Bhutanese people were addicted to “Suja” (butter tea). I too love it and really enjoyed it when I was back at home but for more than a year I have survive without suja as I am away from home. It seems unhealthy as it contains high calories of fat but most of the people don’t care about their health.  After knowing that high deposition of fat in our body is not good, still people hardly give up drinking suja. It is harm full for the people of high blood pressure. So doctors’ advice such patients to reduce the consumption of butter and salt but some are addicted to such tea. I am sure some people won’t be able to quit it easily.  Fortunately few months back one of my friends came up with an idea of fat free suja. So I am here with fat free Suja as a substitution for Suja. It sounds weird and one may think that it would be tasteless but I would say it is delicious. In term of taste it comes to the same level of real Suja.  I had been enjoying it last few months and still continuing with it. Those are the main ingredients: krematop milk powder, tea leave (homemade), and salt.
Procedures are almost the same as real suja. Just the difference is to add krematop milk powder instead of butter. If such milk powder is available at your place please try it yourself. I am sure you will enjoy the flavor of this fat free suja. Or you can drop by to have this delicious tea at my place in future. I will prepare it for you.
 Those are the ingredients:

Tea Leave

PS: If anyone of your family member is high BP patient but addicted to Suja, share this and let them try it. They will surely enjoy it.


  1. i am also one the many who love suja..there is no other choice for me than suja....and i dont care about the health either...:)...anyways...would love to try this new one..:)

  2. I am missing Suja now. Salivation started :P

  3. Ayeee......If this kind of milk powder is available there at your should try mey......really delicious guys can visit me in future tey....I am ready to prepare for you guys......cya......