Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our bit of Contribution to our Mother nature

Thai friends
A couple of days ago the students of Rangsit University joint the “Reforestation Program” organized by the Thai government, which reminds me of social Forestry Day that was celebrated widely across all schools and institutions in Bhutan since 1985. Thus, Social Forestry Day is more than just an event  for planting tree saplings. It is a moment to remind ourselves and reflect upon our own inevitable reliance on the natural environment and what it has to offer to the survival of many living beings including ourselves. This day also aims to provide opportunities for people to learn how forest can be protected, managed and used sustainably for many purposes. The day has been set aside to promote education and awareness of the importance of forests and the benefits of planting trees.I used to participate in such program annually since I was in Junior High school. I really enjoyed during that day, Social Forestry Day as I like planting trees and gardening. I still love planting trees if I am given the chance. So such chance knocked me even here, I got notification for the volunteer for tree plantation at Nakhon Ratchasima Province. With keen interest, I with some Bhutanese friends volunteered to join there.
Right:At Project, Left: Thais in action in Bus
On the 4th of September, we the interested Bhutanese students volunteered to join in that interesting and valuable program with our Thai fellow mates. Number of Bhutanese participating in that program was just 10 of us out of 80 plus Bhutanese students, but with huge number of Thais made our day fruitful one. We started our journey by 7:30 am from my University to the site of plantation which was in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, 200 km away from my college. On the way we visited a pumped storage project, Lam Ta Khong in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.Before we tour around that project we were gathered in the conference hall for briefing. At the entrance some crew members of that project were waiting for us with a shirt, a cap and a helmet for the safety while visiting through tunnel there.  After short briefing, we visited the Pumped storage project with the staff guides and after that we are provided with snacks. And then some men from that Project lead us to the site of Plantation which is located some kilometers away from that Project.

Plants a hope
Really had fun even in the bus while travelling as our Thai fellow mates, started with karaoke and dancing in the bus. Frankly saying that it was more like noise than music as all the songs they sang was in Thai but I enjoyed that moment with their funny acting and funny songs. They were making fun of each other and some teachers also join the students for karaoke and acting really funny at the back seat of bus. So that makes our journey interesting and joyous one. By noon we were there at the site of plantation. We had lunch and after lunch, they provided us with at least five saplings for each student. We were assigned to plant the saplings in the ready made holes. That afternoon we planted more than 500 saplings.  As the hole was already dug, it was an easy job to do. So we finished around 7 to 10 tree saplings each.
On the way back to my University we have visited a Temple, and had great time at local market. As girls like shopping, we did some shopping and finally at 9:0 pm we were back to our University. With all those events like tree plantation, visiting new places and shopping makes our trip wonderful one.  We are looking forward for such kind of trips in future too. 


  1. thats a very good contribution.....i mean it doesnt matter whether the place one is staying is not his or her permanent place, the place everywhere functions gives the place where u can stand.....:)

  2. Great job Tandekz, Mother earth needs many such contributions from every head but sadly, we fail to do so. You have been a very sincere and dedicated student since our school days, and with passage of time, I am proud to see you doing the same in a foreign soil as well. Such an act of yours is really inspiring, Keep it up, and cheers with your life ahead.
    - Letro.

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  4. Great job...spreading our values..

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