Saturday, August 6, 2011


My best friend with her sister and baby
The night was still alive, and the new day hadn't been born yet. In this dark and long night where people around me are sleeping remarkably still and silent in their deep sleep, but I miss you so much, my dear and sweet Phub Om.
Distance is long, but time has no end and our precious memories keeping me awake. There's hearts filled with laughter, eyes moved to the tears with the memories that we have built together. When I think of the days we spent together, it brings a tug at my heart and naturally the life in my face faded away in your thoughts. I can still feel your kindness and beauty of your heart. You got a really awesome heart which captured mine too in return.
We have been very good and close friends, so I believed that you are just sent by almighty to heal my inner and outer pains. The words you have spoken heal my inner unseen pains and encourage me to held my head high when I feel low or during ill time. Therefore I would say friends are worth having, if all are just like you. I just feel better to be by your side, being by your side means a lot for me. The night long talks where we shared our laughter, problems and secrets. The days we have spent our vacations at each other’s home was the moment that I really enjoyed. Your parent’s hospitality and meals at your aunties’ place were the best with the flavor of your love and care that you have for me as a best friend. When I look back into our friendship and glad to know that we haven’t faced even a single misunderstanding during our stay together, it reveals that how strong and our friendship was. It bond our friendship to further strengthen and value our last long friendship. Those were the sweetest memories I ever had to cherish till the end. And I also know you too still care that we are friends forever.

When I fall sick in your presence, I feel that half the pain of mine is shared with you. Your love and care really uproot the saddened emotion of my heart and shared the burden of my shoulder. The way you care me says that you are my best friend forever. It is rightly said that “Best friends are like four leave clover, hard to fine and lucky to have”. I really owe my gratitude to you for being my good friend and I am glad to have you as my friend. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I wish almighty to bring those two best friends together soon. 


  1. Oh Tandekz, Lucky is you, for God bequeath you with such a friend. You got a beautiful friend and your best friend got a cute baby. :). Wishing that your friendship last forever. But you dont have other friends or what? no mention about them?? hehe.
    Enjoyed reading it any way. Keep posting. happy weekends.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting la....haha....of course i have other friends but she is the one who touches my heart.I felt my relation with her seems so strong, so I poured my feeling above la.....I really like her nature which is soft and calm... You know I have never heard of her encountering misunderstanding with her friends so far. I am sure she is loved by all friends.

  3. I am sure you must be knowing this lady tey....Do you?

  4. Ya, I have seen her, but didnt have much dealing so, I dun know much about her. So now I came to learn from you. Great going, Tandekz is in full swing in blogging now, with lots of interesting and touching articles.
    Keep writing la.