Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Memory of my childhood days.

“When I go back to the place where I have spent my memorable childhood days, I find it wasn't the old place I missed but my childhood" Though I wasn't born with silver spoon in my mouth but still I enjoyed my share in my own way. I was brought up solely by my beloved Father through thick and thin. My caring father remarried but I was the only his preference in any case as I am the youngest. My stepmother brought two step sisters along with her but both were gorgeous women in twenties. I no longer get along with them because of our age difference. I do love them as I don’t have any sister of my own. My caring father gets hurt more than me when my step mothers rebuked me. For me my dad was kind and frank. He was more of a friend than a father to me.
Childhood Home at the left

As a child I was grown up near one of the monastic school. So with the influence of environment and the social circle that I was in, I had to be friend with the monks but I enjoyed, after all they were also a normal human. Just their red robe makes difference. I had few friends, some were of my age, and some were older than me. By nature I became like a tomboy. I was keenly interested in games like marble and seven stone games. To be frank I was very naughty, I used to bunk the class when I was in primary level. I used to go for swimming in the river and sometimes for dry picnics. I was a garrulous in nature, still I am the same. I had a brother, who was silent and kind of slothful child. No doubt he cannot defeat me in naughtiness and nonsense talk.
My Best Games
When I completed my primary level, due to some domestic problem, our family had to get back to our village. That brings the end to my father’s relation with my step mother as her daughters refused her going with us to our village. So wistfully we took our own path. By that time my naughtiness diminished as age comes with responsibilities. In my step mother’s absence I was the only responsible person for my father. Actually my father needs me home for each and every domestic chore but knowing the sweetness of the fruit of education. He encouraged me to pursue my studies. So I continued my schooling somewhere near my village. When I was almost done with my high school unfortunately the sharp claws of death strangled my only dad in accident. It was truly said that “the person you care about the most in life are taken from you too soon”.  From that day we parted forever, leaving all those sweet memories. So I couldn't believe he left me in this world alone and I couldn't believe I would see him no more. It kills me to think about the way he lost his life. He is my idol and shall always remain in my heart and prayer. 

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